Keys to Telling Your Story

  • Don’t hide. Be open, available & visible

    • Physically – Attend events, participate in elected official town halls, round-tables, etc. Be a person that whenever possible says yes to invitations to speak or participate in public events.
    • Virtually – Be visible on social media and in traditional media promoting events and issues important to your citizens. Call in to local TV and radio stations if an option.
  • Know what’s important to your constituents

    • Generally – Their health, safety and economic well being
    • Specifically – Local issues, issues based on observations of local media, social media and issues based on reliable local contacts. Don’t be afraid to reference reliable local or regional polls.
  • Connect with your local media personally.

    • On the record whenever possible
    • Off the Record only when absolutely necessary
    • Make sure the local media have your cell phone. Unavailable for comment does not look good most of the time. Be available and accessible.
  • Don’t make it about you…make it about them.

    • About local businesses
    • About your constituents
    • About your county
    • About your community
    • If you deliver the stories well and honestly … you will get the credit and will be recognized as a trusted source of information by the media and your citizens.

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