Why I'm Running

Commissioner Christian Leinbach for NACo 2nd VP

Between now and the NACo Annual Conference Team Leinbach will work hard to help you "Tell Your Story" to elected officials, the media and to the people who matter most - your county residents!

  • Berks County Commissioner Christian Leinbach shares why he is running for NACo 2nd Vice President and how he and Team Leinbach want to help NACo county leaders share what they do for their county with their elected officials, media and the people that matter most, their county residents. Team Leinbach wants to help you tell your story of success.

Telling Your Story – Team Leinbach Wants to Help You

The Team Leinbach campaign is all about you, your county and your constituents. County Government is the level of Government that works as it was intended. We get things done in our counties and communities every day. While some politicians may believe that serving in county government is merely a “stepping stone” to higher office, I believe that county government is the Higher Office.

It’s very important that this race not be about me and my county but rather about what is important to you as a county leader and your county residents. That is the reason I am hosting virtual meetings with NACo members on a state by state basis.

Every county has different challenges and needs. Each county leader is unique in their personality and the way they approach their county leadership role and the challenges they face. Every one of us do so much for our counties and yet so few of our constituents, local media or many state and federal officials understand what and how much we do.

I’m running for NACo 2nd VP because I believe we need to do a better job telling our story. Through our Team Leinbach website we are providing you with tools to help you Tell Your Story right now. This campaign is not about future promises – it’s about today and it’s about you and your county. Check out the “Tools” section of https://www.teamleinbach.com/tools/

There are several issues that impact and are important to virtually every county no matter their size, demographics, population or geographical location. Some of these critical issues include transportation and infrastructure, water, air and soil protection, criminal justice reform, mental health and county jails, cyber security, public safety and unfunded mandates.

Regionally and even down to the state level there are clear and unique differences. Secure Rural Schools and PILT are critical to many western states. In the Northeast United States we have a few states with no county government. The Southeast United States and Gulf states prepare and expect serious hurricanes annually and are impacted in a way no other region is. While most counties have some similar challenges there are major differences between rural and urban counties. That is one reason NACo established a Rural Action Caucus and a Large Urban County Caucus.

At Team Leinbach we want to make sure you have the tools and understanding to Tell Your unique county Story. Whether it is a story of great accomplishment or rather a story explaining the unique challenges your county, state or region is facing, telling your story is critical in helping your state and federal officials understand what you do and what you need. It is critical in helping the media better understand your county both from a success as well as need perspective. Finally, it is critical that your county residents understand what you as a county leader are doing to better represent them.

We believe there are three keys to “telling your story” effectively.


State and federal officials – Establish personal relationships with your elected officials. Participate in your State County Association and NACo events designed to further engage elected officials. Respond promptly to requests from these elected officials.

The media – Establish relationships with key reporters and ensure that they have your contact information including your cell phone. Be available to the media. Don’t play “hard to find.” Become a trustworthy on-the-record source.

The public – Respond timely to communications (letter, email, phone, messaging, etc.) Attend events and connect personally with constituents. Be accessible!


State and Federal Officials, The Media and The Public – Distribute information and alerts from state associations and NACo. Use your social media and website as public information portals. Participate in elected official forums whenever possible. Be the county leader that is always providing clear, concise and reliable information about issues important to your residents.


Empower you and your county team. – 

To be recognized by your state and federal delegation as…To be respected by your constituents as …To be recognized by media representatives as …

A reliable source regarding county related issues.

A connected person to your state association and NACo.

A county leader that is working with all levels of government.

A county leader that listens and engages with the citizens, elected officials and media representatives.

“Telling Your Story” is about you as a county leader and the unique reality of your county. Think about how often you are frustrated that your elected officials, your local media and even your county residents have no idea the great work you, your state association or NACo are doing for them each day. Isn’t it time to focus more effort and resources to help you Tell Your Story? At Team Leinbach we believe it is and that’s why we are providing some of the resources to you now.

When you decide how you are going to vote for NACo 2nd Vice President ask yourself two questions: “Am I and is my county doing a good job telling the story of what we do every day to help our county residents? Do I want NACo to place a greater focus on helping my county Tell Our Story?” For more information please visit www.TeamLeinbach.com. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

John and Victoria Jancik
Grandparents: John and Victoria Jancik

Meet Christian Leinbach

Christian Yancik Leinbach was born in 1959 in northwestern Chester County, Pennsylvania and is the oldest of five children born to Christian N. and Valeria Y. Leinbach.

Meet Christian
Engineer on Colebrookdale RR
Engineer on Colebrookdale RR

Meet Team Leinbach

We want to help you tell your county's story

As county leaders we have a great story to share with our communities. We can and must do a better job telling the story of NACo, our state associations, county government and what we do for our citizens every day.

Meet the Team
Tools to Help You Tell Your Story
Tools to Help You Tell Your Story

Tools to tell your story

Here are tools, guidelines and directions on how you as a county leader can better communicate the great work that you, your county, your state association and NACo are doing for your county everyday. These are tools and helps that every county leader can use and there is no cost or commitment.

Explore the Tools